Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Last night it was hard to go to sleep for several reasons, we are very close to Independence Square and the music is very loud. I was finishing packing, washing a few clothes, talking to relatives and way too excited to sleep. Well by time I was finished with everything it was midnight and the fireworks started. We were so close to them it sounded like cannons going off and the sky was lit up. Mother and I got up and went to the front of our apartment and we could see the fireworks from the window. It was really neat to celebrate the new year like that.
Fortunately the boys slept all night. Well we are packing up everything including the computer to get ready for our translator to pick us up at about 9:20. By tonight we will be home. Yea!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all our wonderful friends who have been praying for us.


Larry and Shannon said...

Looking forward to hearing that you are safely home! I pray the transition is smooth for you all and that you can catch up on your rest and enjoy the comforts of being home as a family all under one roof. We look forward to meeting Alex!

jandt said...

Hope you had a safe journey home and are getting some rest.

Jim & Teresa (Kherson notory friends)